Right wing watchdog Right Wing Watch has declared President Donald Trump's first year in office “predictably awful” for the LGBT community.

According to Peter Montgomery, author of The Terrible Anti-LGBTQ First Year of the Promised 'Pro-Gay' President Trump, there was no way Trump could make good on his promises to the religious right without trampling on the rights of sexual minorities.

Montgomery points out that activists opposed to LGBT rights clearly understood that Trump's promise of being a “friend” to the LGBT community was nothing more than pandering for votes.

“Many LGBTQ people have been or will be harmed by broad-based Trump-GOP policies, like the tax bill and its assault on the Affordable Care Act, that also affect millions of non-LGBTQ Americans. But LGBTQ Americans are also facing very focused attacks from the Trump administration. That’s why NBC called Trump’s first 100 days 'fear-inducing' for LGBTQ Americans. And by mid-year, German Lopez at Vox was calling Trump’s campaign promises to the LGBTQ community 'total bullshit' and Luke Darby at GQ was calling the administration 'a disaster for LGBT Americans.' The Human Rights Campaign’s Sarah McBride went even further, writing in Cosmopolitan that the Trump administration has 'revealed itself to be the ugliest, most explicitly anti-LGBTQ presidency in U.S. history.' Journalist Michelangelo Signorile seconded that emotion in September,” Montgomery wrote before listing some of the president's low points.

The list ranges from supporting the Alabama campaign of Roy Moore, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, to announcing on Twitter that he would ban transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces “in any capacity” and supporting conservative judges, including the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Trump has also showered praise on leaders and groups opposed to LGBT equality and filled key positions in his administration with anti-LGBT individuals.