A Roman Catholic priest on Sunday came out gay to his congregation.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Rev. Gregory Greiten received a standing ovation when he told his congregation: “I am Greg. I am a Roman Catholic priest. And, yes, I am gay!”

Greiten serves as the pastor of St. Bernadette Parish in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki said in a statement that he supports Greiten.

In an op-ed published in the National Catholic Reporter on Monday, Greiten came out to the rest of the world, saying that he stands with the “few courageous priests who have taken the risk to come out of the shadows and have chosen to live in truth and authenticity.”

The Catholic Church teaches that acting on same-sex attraction is a sin.

“By choosing to enforce silence, the institutional church pretends that gay priests and religious do not really exist,” he wrote. “Because of this, there are no authentic role models of healthy, well-balanced, gay, celibate priests to be an example for those, young and old, who are struggling to come to terms with their sexual orientation. This only perpetuates the toxic shaming and systemic secrecy.”

"I promise to be my authentically gay self.”

"I have lived far too many years chained up and imprisoned in the closet behind walls of shame, trauma and abuse because of the homophobia and discrimination so prevalent in my church and the world. But rather, today, I chart a new course in freedom and in integrity knowing that there is nothing that anyone can do to hurt or destroy my spirit any longer. First steps in accepting and loving the person God created me to be. 'I am Greg. I am a Roman Catholic priest. And, yes, I am gay!'” he concluded.