Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a recent interview that he's “very glad” to push world leaders on LGBT rights.

The 45-year-old Trudeau told UK LGBT glossy Attitude that he's “very blunt” with his counterparts about the need for LGBT equality.

“I'll say it and I'll stand up for it and be very blunt about it,” Trudeau said, adding that staffers or people around the leader often thank him for “adding that voice because it's something that [people] need to hear.”

“[The leaders] blame all sorts of things: society not being ready, or the Church, being a very conservative society – with a small 'c' – or having very traditional values,” Trudeau explained. “The leaders are beginning to understand that the world is moving in that direction and we haven’t made it a direct condition of trade or aid or anything like that, but it’s starting to be a real pressure that you cannot continue to criminalize LGBT+ [people].”

“You need to give people a friendly nudge to move forward in the right direction, and I'm very glad to do it. But, yes, I've had some very candid conversations with leaders about the fact that they need to go there,” he added.