A crowd of demonstrators on Tuesday protested homophobic comments made by Oklahoma University Regent Kirk Humphreys.

Humphreys made the comments over the weekend during an appearance on a local political talk show.

Humphreys, also the former mayor of Oklahoma City, was on the program discussing allegations of sexual misconduct against Minnesota Senator Al Franken and President Donald Trump when he veered off the topic to declare that gay sex was wrong.

“Is homosexuality right or wrong? It's not relative, there's a right and wrong,” Humphreys said. “If it's okay, then it's okay for everybody and, quite frankly, it's okay for men to sleep with little boys.”

LGBT rights advocate Freedom Oklahoma called on Humphreys to step down from the Board of Regents if he did not apologize.

In a statement Monday, Humphreys, 67, apologized for what he called a “lack of clarity.” “[My words] were not clear and led some people to believe that I was equating homosexuality with pedophilia. That was not my intention or desire.”

However, he added that he's morally opposed to homosexuality because “it is against the teachings of Scripture.”

According to News 9, a crowd of demonstrators demanding Humphreys' resignation gathered outside Tuesday's regularly scheduled Oklahoma State Regents Higher Education Board meeting. Humphreys did not attend the meeting.

State Representative Emily Virgin, who also appeared on Sunday's show, said that immediately prior to his comments, Humphreys brought up former Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank, the first member of Congress to voluntarily come out as gay.

“He said will you defend Barney Frank, and I was unclear what Barney Frank did, if anything, and then it became clear that he was talking about Barney Frank because he's gay,” Virgin told News 9.

Virgin described Humphreys' remarks as “disgusting” and “dangerous.” She's also called on Humphreys to resign.

It's possible that Humphreys was making a reference to former Oklahoma state Senator Ralph Shortey, who earlier this year resigned his seat after police found him and a 17-year-old runaway boy in a motel room and charged the Republican with engaging in child prostitution. Shortey has plead not guilty.