Just days after the Australian parliament approved a same-sex marriage bill, gay and lesbian couples began registering their intent to marry on Saturday.

Daniel Barnett, 39, and Daniel Gray-Barnett, 36, were the first same-sex couple to register in Sydney, The Guardian reported. Together seven years, the men got engaged four years ago. They plan to marry on January 30.

“We wanted to have a party and ceremony with all our family and friends and show to everyone we felt like we were married,” Gray-Barnett said.

While polling has for some time shown majority support for same-sex marriage in Australia, legislation has refused to budge, despite numerous attempts. A postal vote asking Australians whether the government should extend marriage rights to gay couples broke the logjam. An overwhelming majority (61.6%) of Australians who participated voted “yes.” Roughly three weeks after the results were announced, the marriage bill had become law, making Australia the 25th nation with marriage equality.

Valeria Ballantyne, 48, and Clare Jacobs, 31, also registered their wedding on Saturday.

“I thought we would just come in and sign a form and it would just be a formality but it's actually quite emotional,” Ballantyne told the AFP.

“Yeah,” Jacobs said, “more emotional than I think we thought it would be.”

The first same-sex weddings are expected on January 9.