Police have taken into custody a 16-year-old male suspect in the so-called “gay slay” of radio journalist George Weber.

Weber was found dead Sunday – his ankles bound with duct tape and the walls of his Brooklyn, New York apartment splattered with his blood – but officials believe he was killed Friday night.

John Katehis was arrested Tuesday night; charges are pending, reports The New York Times.

Officials allege that Weber, 47, and Katehis met online at Craigslist.com when the teen responded to a personals ad posted by Weber looking for Hispanic men into rough sex. The pair met on Friday and agreed to return to Weber's home.

The New York Daily News called Katehis a “Satan-loving sadomasochist with a knife fetish” after viewing his online profile at MySpace.com.

There were no signs of forced entry at Weber's Carroll Gardens home, where he had been stabbed about 50 times, including in his head, his neck, the front and rear of his torso, his arms and his hands, authorities said. Police say the cuts to his hands suggest Weber might have attempted to fight off his attacker.

Authorities collared Katehis at a bus stop Tuesday night after combing through emails on Weber's home computer and phone records from his cell phone. “He subsequently made statements implicating himself in the stabbing death,” Paul J. Browne, the police department's chief spokesman, told the Times.

The New York Post dubbed the killing a “gay slay.”

Weber was a long-time New York City radio personality. A Friday blog post ironically titled “NYC's bed bug attack” was his last (www.georgeweberthenewsguy.blogspot.com).