A Brooklyn, New York jury has convicted a teenage boy of the 2007 knifing to death of a gay man he said came on to him, reports gay weekly Gay City News.

Eighteen-year-old Omar Willock was found guilty of second-degree murder on Wednesday for the May 2007 murder of Roberto Duncanson, 20.

Duncanson was assaulted during the early hours of May 12, before 1AM, on St. Marks Avenue in Brooklyn's Crown Heights section. Investigators allege Willock hailed down Duncanson on the street accusing him of looking at him, calling him a “faggot.”

Duncanson, who had been drinking earlier, responded to the taunts: “Batty boy, you look like somebody want to suck your dick,” Jeimar Brown, Duncanson's cousin, testified.

When Duncanson again passed by Willock the slurs escalated and the two men came to blows. Brown said it was not until the fighting ended that he noticed Willock had a knife and Duncanson had been fatally wounded by four punctures in the back.

Duncanson was rushed to Kings County Hospital where he died roughly one hour later.

Prosecutor Howard Jackson called the murder a hate crime, but eventually that charge was dropped.

“[Willock] did so because of his perception that Roberto Duncanson was a gay man who was looking at him in a sexually suggestive way,” Jackson said during his March 10 opening.

Willock faces as much as 25 years to life in prison for killing Roberto Duncanson.