Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart said in a recent interview that she doesn't differentiate between gay and straight weddings.

The 79-year-old Stewart has written numerous bestselling books and hosted two long-running syndicated television shows, Martha (2005-2012) and Martha Stewart Living (1993-2005). She is currently co-hosting VH1's Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party with Snoop Dogg. Stewart is best known as the publisher of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

In an interview with PrideSource, Stewart was asked about serving gay couples as the Supreme Court takes up the issue of whether a business can refuse to serve gay people based on the owner's religious beliefs.

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“I don't differentiate a gay wedding from a straight wedding,” Stewart said. “I just don't differentiate … I think it's absolutely a fact that all men are created equal, and so I just treated people like equals my entire life.”

“You know, every wedding is special to me,” she added.

Stewart's Martha Stewart Weddings was one of the first mainstream magazines in the United States to highlight a same-sex wedding in 2009.