British Olympic diver Tom Daley and his Oscar-winning director husband, Dustin Lance Black, have criticized President Donald Trump's opposition to LGBT rights.

The couple met in 2013 and married in May.

Daley, 23, said that young people will be affected by Trump's words and actions.

“Even if you've just got four years of Trump, if you're eight years old and you have that between the ages of eight and 12, you're hearing someone that is homophobic, someone that is against every kind of diversity and not for equality at all,” Daley said during an appearance on Attitude's Heroes podcast.

“If you're hearing that for four years, they're going to grow up being racist homophobic and have those same values and then that's going to be passed down to the people that are two years younger,” he added.

Black, 43, added: “I think it's critical to remember that there are places in this world where LGBT+ people are being put to death for who they are, they're being imprisoned for who they are, and we're in a moment where without American leadership on this issue, because that's gone, without countries saying, 'Hey we’d better not hurt our LGBT+ brothers and sisters because America will get mad at us and hurt our bottom line.' Without that, leaders around the world are taking advantage of this vacuum of influence coming from the United States.”

While Trump campaigned as a “friend” to the LGBT community, his administration wants to keep transgender people out of the armed forces and on Tuesday argued before the Supreme Court that shop owners should be allowed to deny some services to gay and lesbian couples.