Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp this week shared social media posts he's received blaming him for killing House of Cards.

Rapp accused Spacey of sexual misconduct when the two actors were working on Broadway and Rapp was 14.

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Since Rapp named Spacey (Rapp had previously discussed the incident), multiple men have revealed their “me too” stories.

Spacey plays manipulative politician Francis Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards. A few days after Rapp came forward, Spacey was fired from the show. Production of the show's sixth and final season is currently on hold.

One user told Rapp that he could have spared fans by waiting until production wrapped on the series: “I think the spacey story could have waited one season for us fans. How would you like [it] if star trek gets ruined because someone there was a perv 30 years ago?”

Another user blamed Rapp for putting the show's cast and crew out of work.

“Real people are being affected by this accusation of 3 decades ago. Cast and crew, who now have to find new jobs to feed their families and pay bills. I hope this is what Mr. Rapp wanted,” the user wrote.

Other users claimed Rapp was just seeking attention or envied Spacey's success.

“I'm convinced you just want the attention,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Don't tell me anything about abuse, I know myself, how it hurts, but this is only big liquidation for Mr. Spacey! It's only your envy and desire for money,” the user tweeted.

Rapp added that the positive messages he's received outweigh the negative ones.

“I feel that I also need to say a couple of things: 1, I do not believe these trolls and harassers are right. 2, their words do not sting deeply, but they do wound slightly. 3, I have gotten so many more positive messages than negative. Thank you v much,” Rapp tweeted.

Spacey has since reportedly entered a rehab clinic in Arizona known for treating sexual addiction.