The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear a case involving a business owner who refused to print t-shirts for a Gay Pride festival.

Lexington's Pride Community Services Organization (PCSO) formed in 1977. In 2008, the group organized its first Lexington Pride Festival. It also operates the PCSO Pride Center, an LGBT community center on Waller Ave.

In 2012, PCSO tried to order the t-shirts for its annual Pride festival. Blaine Adamson, co-owner of Hands On Originals, refused the order, citing his Christian beliefs.

PCSO filed a complaint with the Lexington Human Rights Commission, which ruled that Hands On Originals had violated a city ordinance that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Adamson was ordered to get diversity training. But a state judge overturned the ruling and an appeals court affirmed the decision.

Last year, Kentucky state Senator Albert Robinson, a Republican from London, cited the incident in introducing a bill that sought to allow companies to deny services based on the religious objections of their owners.

A hearing date for the case has yet to be announced, the AP reported.