A conservative group opposed to Target's transgender-inclusive policies is calling on supporters to avoid shopping at the retail giant this holiday season.

2ndVote launched its #AnywhereButTarget campaign after Target announced that transgender people were free to use the bathroom or changing room that they identify with. Target reiterated its policy in response to North Carolina's first-in-the-nation law that prohibited transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings, including schools. The law was later partially repealed.

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In announcing its campaign last November, 2ndVote claimed that Target is promoting a “dangerous social agenda.”

“Not only has Target publicly advertised that its stores’ gender specific facilities – changing rooms and bathrooms – are open to all comers, regardless of biological sex, but Target has also stood by the policy, despite falling revenues,” the group said. ”It’s time to make Target understand that there are consequences for supporting a radical movement that is determined to redefine marriage, gender, and, ultimately, the 1st Amendment.”

2ndVote Executive Director Lance Wray told The Christian Post that its #AnywhereButTarget campaign helped see a three percent drop in sales over last year's Christmas season for Target and a 43 percent drop in profits.

“In spite of their loss, Target still hasn't changed its policy,” the group said in a recent video promoting its boycott. “So let's keep their profits down. Shop #AnywhereButTarget this year. And next year.”

USA Today reported earlier this month that Target's overall sales for its latest quarter increased 1.4 percent over last year.