During a recent Larry King Now appearance to promote his new book, out fitness expert Bob Harper said that he knew he was gay when he saw actor Lee Majors on The Six Million Dollar Man.

“Who's your childhood celebrity crush?” host Larry King asked.

“Do you remember a show called The Six Million Dollar Man?” Harper asked.


“Lee Majors. When I saw him, Larry I was like, I am gay!” Harper said.

Harper, who is best known as the host of the NBC reality series The Biggest Loser, is currently promoting his new book, The Super Carb Diet, which arrives on brick-and-mortar and virtual bookshelves on December 26.

Harper, 52, also was asked about plans on marrying his boyfriend Anton Gutierrez.

“I am in love,” Harper stated.

“Are you gonna marry?”

“I don't know if I ever want to get married, though,” Harper answered. “We're kind of living the dream in New York right now.”