Citing security concerns, the governor of Ankara, Turkey's capital, has banned all public LGBT events.

According to the AP, the “indefinite” ban took effect Saturday. It applies to all LGBT film screenings, theaters, panels and exhibitions.

Ankara Governor Mehmet Kiliclar said in a statement that the ban was necessary for the protection of “public security” and that the LGBT events were being banned because of “social sensitivities.”

He added that the ban would help to promote “public order, prevention of crimes, general health and morals.”

Ankara-based LGBT groups Pink Life and Kaos GL criticized the ban in a joint statement, calling it “illegal, discriminatory and arbitrary.”

“This decision legitimizes rights violations and discrimination against LGBTIs,” the groups said. “In our country where discrimination and hate based on sexual orientation and gender identity is rampant, it is the duty of national and local administrations to combat this discrimination and hate.”

While gay sex is not illegal in Turkey, the country has one of the highest rates of anti-LGBT violence in Europe.

Geneva-based ILGA also criticized the ban, calling it “a disgraceful breach of fundamental rights and freedoms.” ILGA is an international federation of more than 1,200 LGBT groups from around the world, according to its website.