Tens of thousands of people took part in Rio de Janeiro's 22nd annual LGBT Pride parade at Copacabana beach on Sunday.

As music blasted from sound trucks, revelers danced and held up rainbow flags on the beach's promenade. An estimated 800,000 people joined the festivities, organizer Grupo Arco-Iris said.

Organizers were forced to reschedule the annual festival after the city pulled its funding.

According to the AP, Rio de Janeiro Mayor Marcelo Crivella offered no city funding this year. Organizers pushed back the event as they scrambled to secure funding from private sector businesses and organizations. Performers also agreed to work the event for free.

Last year, the city funded half of the festival's estimated $200,000 tab. City Hall cited financial difficulties as reason for withdrawing its support, but critics claim influential conservatives pressured the city to turn its back on the parade for the first time.

Despite its liberal reputation, rates of violence against gay and transgender people are high in Brazil.

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