A mural of the late George Michael has been defaced in Sydney, Australia just days after the government released results from a postal vote that favored legalizing marriage equality.

In the image, Michael, who came out gay in 1988, is wearing what appears to be a while clergy robe with a rainbow stole. A circle of rainbow-colored rays radiate from his head, like a halo.

A man filmed as the vandal sprayed black paint over the artwork, according to The Mirror.

Outraged witnesses called the police and the man who was defacing the mural was ordered to appear in court.

On Wednesday, the Australian government announced the results of a national survey on whether marriage rights should be extended to gay and lesbian couples. An overwhelming majority (61.6%) of respondents voted “yes” to a change in the law.

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A day after the results were announced, a bill that would legalize such unions was introduced in parliament.

Following the results of the vote, the group Christian Lives Matter called on followers in a Facebook post to “protect the eyes of innocent children” by destroying the mural of the British singer. Another Sydney mural that featured former Prime Minister Tony Abbott dressed in drag with a pink sash that read “Bride to be” and a nearly naked Catholic church leader George Pell – both of whom had called on voters to vote “no” on the survey – in an embrace next to the headline, “The Happy Ending,” was vandalized.