Former NFL player Esera Tuaolo told Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday that he came out gay for his family.

The 49-year-old Tuaolo played defensive tackle in the NFL for ten years. In 2002, after retiring from sports, Tuaolo announced his sexuality on HBO's Real Sports. He has two children, twins Mitchell and Michele.

This week, Tuaolo was eliminated from NBC's singing competition The Voice.

During an appearance on DeGeneres' daytime talk show, Tuaolo talked about coming out and performed for the audience.

“I was completely closeted the whole time [I was in the NFL]. None of the players knew,” Tuaolo said. “And when I came out back in 2002, it was more so to find some happiness. And also we came out for our kids, our children, 'cause we were tired of living in the closet and we wanted everyone to know that we were a family. And a lot of the stuff that a lot of my straight friends sort of took for granted, I wanted. And that's one of the biggest reasons we came out.”

Tuaolo added that he knows of a lot of gay players in the NFL but does expect any will come out during their football careers.