TLC has cut ties with Derick Dillard after he made transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings, the star of the network's I Am Jazz, which follows the lives of Jennings, a transgender teenager, several of her friends and family.

Dillard is married to Jill Duggar, one of the co-stars of TLC's Counting On, a spin-off show of the network's 19 Kids and Counting, which was canceled following allegations that Josh Duggar, one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's children, had molested underage girls when he was a teenager.

Dillard has appeared on Counting On.

“We want to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard has not participated in Counting On for months and the network has no plans to feature him in the future. We want to reiterate that Derick’s personal statements do not reflect the views of the network,” the network said in a tweet. “TLC is proud to share the story of Jazz Jennings and her family and will continue to do so.”

The network's decision comes after Dillard twice tweeted abuse toward Jennings.

“What an oxymoron... a 'reality' show which follows a non-reality,” Dillard tweeted. “'Transgender' is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God.”

Jennings responded: “Every day I experience cyber-bullying, but I keep sharing my story. Today was no different.”

On Thursday, Dillard responded to a response to his original tweet.

When the commenter said that “calling someone's identity an oxymoron is very condescending,” Dillard replied: “I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child. It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days.”

Jennings began appearing on television shows to talk about her gender identity at the age of six.