Peter Griffin goes gay in tonight's Family Guy episode.

The Seth McFarlane created animated sitcom has worn its rainbow pride on its shoulder before but tonight it goes all the way.

The episode, titled Family Gay, premieres on Fox tonight, Sunday, March 8 at 9PM.

A Fox press release about the episode described the premise of the show: “To help pay off his incredible debt, Peter participates in medical experiments to make some extra cash. First, he is injected with the 'Seth Rogen' gene that 'gives you the appearance of being funny even though you haven't actually done anything funny'. Then he is injected with a gene that leads him to a new mate, leaving a broken-hearted Lois behind. Although the family is crushed, they quickly realize the most important thing is that Peter is happy.”

McFarlane first talked about the gay-themed episode in an interview with gay monthly The Advocate last year.

Special guest-voice by Seth Rogen (Zack and Miri Make a Porn) as the “Seth Rogen” gene.

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