Christian conservative Franklin Graham is warning parents to avoid the Disney Channel's promotion of the “destructive LGBT lifestyle.”

In a Facebook post, Graham, the son of televangelist Billy Graham and a supporter of President Donald Trump, condemned a coming out gay storyline on the second season of the Disney Channel's tween series Andi Mack. The storyline is a first for the Disney Channel.

“Disney used to be the brand that parents could trust. They were kind of like the ‘gold seal’ of family programming. But those days are long gone,” Graham wrote. “Disney is in the LGBTQ camp, and they’re wanting to use so-called family-friendly programs to influence the youth of today to accept and to be a part of the destructive LGBT lifestyle. They’re introducing a gay storyline in one of their most popular programs, ‘Andi Mack,’ targeting 6-14 year-olds. Parents BEWARE. You can control this in your home. You might want to consider blocking their channel. Let Disney know why you are upset, but also take action that will get your message across.”

Andi Mack follows the lives of 13-year-old title character Andi (played by Peyton Elizabeth), her family and her two best friends: Cyrus Goodman (Joshua Rush) and Buffy Driscoll (Sofia Wylie). In the show's second season premiere, which aired late last month, Cyrus confides his feelings for a boy to Buffy.

The Disney Channel said in a statement that “the cast and everyone involved in the show takes great care in ensuring that it’s appropriate for all audiences and sends a powerful message about inclusion and respect for humanity.”