Sometimes travel is better served with a guide. Someone who speaks a foreign language, knows the regional cuisine or where locals hang out. But when white water rafting in the Grand Canyon a guide is almost a requirement.

Spirit Journeys has just announced availability of their Going Deep grand canyon rafting vacation. It's eight days and seven nights on the Colorado river exploring the majestic Grand Canyon.

It's a total vacation that feeds your adventurous spirit and energizes the mind and body.

Most of the time is spent in a raft, but the trip begins and ends in Las Vegas, where daredevils have an opportunity to go for broke before and after taking on the canyon.

The all-gay or -bi package for men offers a unique spiritual element not found in most adventure travel. Spiritual guide Howie Holben helps participants bond with the surrounding nature with meditation, Heart Circles and group movement rituals.

“It is our intention to actively engage the Canyon and the River so that we come to know them on a more intimate level,” Holben writes about the adventure package.

On the Colorado river, the raft stops several times a day to explore the wonder of the canyon. Arduous hiking and swimming by day is juxtaposed with near luxurious camping accommodations by night.

Spirit Adventures charges $3095 per person for the Going Deep adventure package. The odyssey begins July 1. Book your adventure at