The Advocate's new owners are as eager to change the drapes at American's only national GLBT news magazine as President Barack Obama was about changing his at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Here Media has clearly taken over the magazine, its content and direction. And the changes are more than mere window dressing.

Several bloggers last week took exception to the fact that the magazine's website featured a story concerning another Here Media property. The site headlined a story about Beau Breedlove's forthcoming big reveal (we're optimistic) in an upcoming issue of Unzipped, a gay porn magazine. Breedlove achieved his 15 minutes by having sex with Portland's openly gay mayor, Sam Adams. Adams has been fighting to remain in office since admitting to the affair he originally dismissed as a “nasty smear.”

“A known dude's decision to show his weeny in another gay magazine should probably not be the top story for America's award-winning LGBT news magazine,” wrote Jeremy Hooper on the gay activism site

Then there was the story of the big Oscar win by Here Media-owned Regent Releasing. The Best Foreign Film win for Departures was mentioned on the magazine's website, but the film, whose protagonist is straight and married, does not deal with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues, the magazine's target audience.

Other changes include a move to monthly publication, a new editor and the addition of here! television video content on the website.

Yet, Regent Media Executive Vice President Stephen Macias recently said Here Media is a mere caretaker of America's most distinct gay voice.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Charlotte Robinson, Macias said: “I think that with The Advocate in particular, myself I see us as caretakers. Caretakers of the brand and the voice and the platform that [resulted from] forty-two years of hard work.”

PlanetOut, the parent company of The Advocate, Out, and, agreed to be acquired late last year after announcing it has lost nearly $100 million and faced possible Nasdaq delisting.

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