A group of Egyptian lawmakers this week reportedly introduced a bill that seeks to criminalize gay sex in Egypt.

According to BuzzFeed News, the proposed legislation was introduced with the backing of 15 members of the Egyptian parliament.

The bill seeks to impose penalties of up to five years in prison for the crime of “perverted sexual relations” between people of the same sex. Also banned would be “inciting” or “hosting” same-sex encounters, attending a “gay party” and carrying “any sign or code for homosexuals.”

A “sign or code for homosexuals” could be a rainbow flag – a symbol of LGBT pride – which authorities in recent weeks have targeted.

In late September, authorities arrested six men who waived a rainbow flag during a Mashrou' Leila concert. The band's lead singer, Hamed Sinno, is openly gay. Amman and Jordan have banned the group from performing. The band said that Egypt could be next.

Reuters reported that more than 30 people were arrested the following week.

Those arrested were prosecuted for serial “debauchery” and “promoting sexual deviancy” because gay sex is not currently a crime in Egypt. Amnesty International said that the government is likely to conduct anal examinations on the men to prove their sexuality. In a statement, the group said such exams “amount to torture.”