Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore as recently as late last year compared marriage equality to slavery.

Moore, who won his state's GOP primary despite President Donald Trump's backing of Senator Luther Strange, said in November that the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell that struck down same-sex marriage bans nationwide was “even worse” than the 1857 Dred Scott ruling that upheld slavery, which is widely considered by scholars to be the high court's worst decision.

“In 1857 the United States Supreme Court did rule that black people were property. Of course that contradicted the Constitution, and it took a civil war to overturn it. But this ruling in Obergefell is even worse in a sense because it forces not only people to recognize marriage other than the institution ordained of God and recognized by nearly every state in the union, it says that you now must do away with the definition of marriage and make it between two persons of the same gender or leading on, as one of the dissenting justices said, to polygamy, to multi-partner marriages,” Moore said in a podcast interview with Here I Stand.

“We’ve got to go back and recognize that what they did in Obergefell was not only to take and create a right that does not exist under the Constitution but then to mandate that that right compels Christians to give up their religious freedom and liberty,” he continued.

Moore has twice been removed as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, most recently last year for ordering probate judges in his state to ignore the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell.

“The Dred Scott decision ranks as the worst Supreme Court decision in American history and it’s appalling that Moore doesn’t understand that, though sadly not surprising considering his history of embracing white supremacists and pro-Confederate groups,” American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier told Talking Points Memo. “Roy Moore is not fit to serve in any capacity, and his hateful views are un-American.”

In an early 2015 interview with Chris Cuomo, the host of CNN's New Day, Moore also compared marriage equality to slavery.