John Boyega, who plays Finn in the Star Wars movie franchise, has addressed speculation surrounding his character's relationship with Poe Dameron, who is played by Oscar Isaac.

Fans reacted to Finn and Poe's chemistry in the 2015 film The Force Awakens.

In an interview with Metro, Boyega was asked whether the Star Wars films have a responsibility to be more progressive and inclusive.

“There definitely is that responsibility, but more the responsibility to hire those from those experiences to share their creative light, that’s the pivotal thing. Because if you just hire the same sort of people you’re just getting the same sort of film. It’s not wrong, but then there’s a lack of variety. I think Pacific Rim handles that in a very unique way,” answered Boyega, also the star of the upcoming film Pacific Rim: Uprising.

On a possible romance between Finn and Poe, Boyega said: “I think that Oscar is always looking at me with love in his eyes, and I guess that the fans saw it. And then they realize that either he needs to chill or come out.”

The movie franchise's latest installment, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, arrives in theaters on Friday, December 15.