During a news conference at the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump ignored a question from a reporter on whether he disagrees with a senate candidate's opposition to LGBT rights.

The reporter asked whether Trump disagrees with U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore's views that gay sex should be illegal and Muslims should not be allowed to serve in public office.

“I’m going to be meeting with Roy sometime next week and we’re going to talk to him about a lot of different things, but I’ll be meeting with him,” Trump said. “He ran a very strong race. The people of Alabama – who I like very much, and they like me very much – but they like Roy, but we’ll be talking to them, and I can report back to then, OK?”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky who appeared with the president, received the same question but did not respond.

Moore is an outspoken opponent of LGBT rights. As recently as 2015, he said said that homosexuality should be illegal.

“I think homosexuality should be illegal,” Moore said. “Sodomy was declared illegal by the United States Supreme Court in 1987. It said there was no right under the constitution to enlarge the fundamental rights of homosexuals.”

More recently, Moore called on Congress to impeach the Supreme Court justices who found in Obergefell that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry.

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