Out Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has described the organization that hosted President Donald Trump over the weekend as homophobic.

Smith reported on the president's appearance at the Values Voter Summit in a live segment that included correspondent John Roberts from outside the White House.

During the segment, Smith acknowledged that the group behind the annual gathering, the Family Research Council (FRC), is a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and questioned the president's decision to attend.

“President Trump became the first sitting president to speak to the Values Voter Summit,” Smith said. “That organization vilifies the LGBT community and declares gays a danger to children. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated it a hate group.”

FRC President Tony Perkins, whom Trump praised as a “tremendous guy” during his appearance, is a frequent guest on Fox News.

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“What happened there and why did he attend?” Smith asked Roberts.

“Well, it seems to be a pretty appreciative crowd,” Roberts answered. “In his speech he basically was jumping right into the culture wars, saying that he was going to stop cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values and he vowed to restore moral clarity to the US view of the world. … He wanted to recognize their support for him in the election campaign.”