In a new interview, out conservative and former Breitbart staffer Milo Yiannopoulos criticizes Pope Francis for his liberal views.

The 32-year-old Yiannopoulos, a Catholic, was originally interviewed by a contributor to America, the Jesuit-led magazine, but was never published by the magazine. Instead, Yiannopoulos published the emailed interview on his personal blog and it appeared Wednesday at the far-right Catholic website, Vox reported.

In the interview, Yiannopoulos, who, despite having a record of making racist statements, recently married a black man, said that he believes that being gay is a sin.

“You don’t see me disputing the Church’s teachings on homosexuality…I wouldn’t dream of demanding that the Church throw away her hard truths just to lie to me in hopes I’ll feel better about myself...I feel there’s something wrong with the fact that my lovemaking can’t produce the mini-Milo’s I’d like to have. How’s that for a subjective confirmation of the Church teaching that same-sex attraction is ‘objectively disordered’ because it can’t lead to procreation?'" Yiannopoulos rhetorically asked.

Yiannopoulos also criticized Pope Francis, saying that he was shocked by his liberal views, and later advised the pope to “stop talking.”

But he had praise for Francis' predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI – who once called marriage equality an attempt to harm society – describing him as “the wisest and most erudite man in Europe.”