British Olympic diver Tom Daley on Thursday criticized President Donald Trump.

The 23-year-old Daley, who in May married Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, hosted the Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards in London. The sixth annual event celebrates “the great and good of the LGBT+ community and its allies.”

In opening the show, Daley ran down some of the most powerful recent events that affected the LGBT community.

“A racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic cheese puff colored reality TV star became president of the United States,” Daley told the audience. “But we've also seen openly LGBT people elected heads of state in Ireland and Serbia.”

“Australia said, 'Sure, let's put a minority's basic rights up to a majority vote,' while Germany, Finland and Taiwan embraced marriage equality.”

“Still, in places like Chechnya, Iran and Uganda our brothers and sisters are fighting for their lives,” he added.

Daley also recognized the hard fought rights secured by those who came before him.

“I stand here tonight on the shoulders of those brave enough to fight for a life like mine before I was even born,” Daley said. “That said, the equality we enjoy here isn't shared around the world.”