A transgender lawyer and LGBT activist has been appointed to serve in the Uruguay Senate.

Michelle Suarez this week assumed the position as a substitute for Communist Party Senator Marcos Carambula, making her the nation's first transgender senator.

Suarez is also known for being Uruguay's first transgender lawyer.

She helped draft a same-sex marriage bill, which was approved in 2013, making Uruguay the second Latin American country behind Argentina with marriage equality.

“The opportunities that I may have at this moment, for many of my fellow trans people are impossible, because they do not have the freedom to choose their personal fulfillment, to be able to carry out the vocation or the dreams, that I, in a moment, could,” she said after being sworn in.

According to EFE, Suarez plans to introduce a transgender rights bill, titled the Comprehensive Trans Act, which she co-authored. The law seeks to guarantee “the rights of trans persons of all ages, of diverse sexual orientations and socio-economic conditions.”

Suarez told the AP that she faced harassment from classmates and teachers after she came out at the age of 15.