Adam Lambert, Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Etheridge were among the LGBT celebrities who on Wednesday recognized National Coming Out Day, the annual LGBT awareness day first observed in 1988.

Singer Melissa Etheridge promoted a letter she wrote to herself, part of a campaign asking queer celebrities to write a note to their younger selves.

In her letter, Etheridge advises her younger self to start loving herself as much as she wants others to love her.

“So start now – loving yourself, finding yourself attractive. Finding yourself witty and fun, and all those things that you are looking for someone else to make you feel. Because believe me, in the end, it is only yourself who's going to make you feel those things,” she wrote.

In an Instagram post, television journalist Thomas Roberts said that coming out was the best gift he ever gave himself. “My name is Thomas Roberts & I officially came out to my Mom on October 5, 1999,” he wrote.

Singer Adam Lambert recognized National Coming Out Day by captioning an image of himself: “Happy #nationalcomingoutday! Live your truth!”

Ellen DeGeneres told her daytime talk show audience that today was the day to come out. “You don't have to. Like, if you're not gay don't do it. … I'm celebrating because I'm happy that I did it.”

Olympian Gus Kenworthy advised people to come out only when they're ready.

“Important: Only come out when you are ready to – in your own time, on your own terms and in an environment where it's safe for you to do so. [Rainbow heart emojis],” he wrote on Instagram.