Danica Roem, a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, said Monday that her campaign has received reports that voters have received anti-transgender robocalls.

“I've heard from three people that there is an anti-transgender robo push poll going out to homes in the 13th District right now demagoguing transgender kids that's being used to attack me,” Roem wrote on Facebook.

Roem, a transgender journalist, is campaigning to unseat Delegate Bob Marshall, a Republican from Prince William County who has a long history of opposing LGBT rights. Earlier this year, Marshall, who is serving his 13th term, introduced a bill that sought to prohibit transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice.

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Roem said that the American Principles Project is behind the robocalls.

In reporting on the race, The Washington Post credited the American Principles Project for the robocalls.

“Danica Roem supports policy that requires schools to allow boys to play on girls' sports teams and compete on girls' leagues. Does this make you more or less likely to support Danica?” the telephone poll asks voters.

In a statement, Terry Schilling, executive director of the American Principles Project, claimed that Roem was “hiding facts” from voters by campaigning on fixing Route 28.

“The facts are these: Danica Roem wants your kindergartner to believe they can change their gender,” he said. “Roem wants your teenage daughter to be forced to share her shower and locker room with biological males. Roem wants to shut down your local Catholic hospital for refusing to perform sex change operations. These are indisputable facts and Danica Roem is hiding from them.”

“Everyone in the 13th District knows that Route 28 is a local issue that can only be fixed by the road authorities,” Schilling added.

On Monday, Roem said on Twitter that the use of the robocalls “just strengthens my resolve to soundly defeat [Marshall] Nov. 7.”