Just nine days after Germany's same-sex marriage law took effect, a gay couple living in Berlin has become the first to jointly adopt a child in Germany.

Germany's law came into effect on October 1. It offers same-sex couples the same tax advantages and adoption rights as heterosexual couples.

Michael and Kai Korok married on October 2, the AP reported. The men were informed by authorities on Tuesday that their application to adopt a boy who has been living with them since shortly after birth has been approved, according to the Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg.

The German parliament, or Bundestag, approved the marriage law in June with a 393 to 226 vote, making Germany the 14th European country and the 23rd worldwide to extend marriage to gay couples.

For decades advocates have tried and failed to gain such rights. But an opportunity to move on the issue appeared suddenly when Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled that she would support a free vote on marriage equality among her party members. The window to act also appears to have been short lived as German politics shifted to the right in its most recent election.

Since 2001, Germany has recognized gay and lesbian couples with civil partnerships.