The daughter of Hong Kong martial artist-actor Jackie Chan has come out gay.

Etta Ng, 18, publicly announced her sexuality on Instagram, captioning a photo of herself with the hashtags “lgbtqai,” “lgbt,” “lesbian” and “androgynous,” along with a rainbow emoji. While Chan is her biological father – he had a brief extramarital affair with Ng's mother, Chinese actress Elaine Ng – Ng has said that she does not consider Chan her father.

In an Instagram post, social media star Andi Autumn revealed she's dating Ng.

“I’ve never met anyone like @stolenmilktea,” Autumn wrote. “She has given me a chance to fully express the running thoughts in my head,” Autumn writes. No judgements, just understanding. Everything was against us. We’ve been pushed down again and again but its worth it knowing we will get through it together, side by side.”

“We are living in such an international city and yet so many people have their minds closed off. But none of it matters when I know every morning your going to be next to me. I love you [heart emoji],” Autumn added.

Chan, who has appeared in more than 150 films, recorded a PSA in 2013 for the LGBT rights group GLAAD.