In a new interview with gay glossy OUT, actor Anthony Rapp said that he was honored to play Star Trek: Discovery's first openly gay character.

The 45-year-old Rapp, who is best known for originating the role of Mark Cohen in the Broadway production of Rent, plays starfleet officer Lt. Paul Stamets in the CBS All Access show.

Stamets in involved in a relationship with medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber (played by Wilson Cruz).

“It’s an honor,” Rapp said of playing the first openly gay character in the show's TV franchise. “It’s also been a long time coming. Star Trek has always been progressive – apparently there were conversations over the years about having gay characters, but it just didn’t happen. But what I’m really proud of is, like everything with Star Trek’s diversity, there are no arrows pointing to it, no big neon sign flashing, no story line about what it’s like to be a gay character on the ship. It just is. That, to me, is part of the evolution as well.”

“Is there anything particularly important about gay characters in stories about the future?” OUT asked.

Star Trek was built around a vision of a utopian future: humans on Earth joining species around the galaxy. Part of that would mean living harmoniously without our differences being an issue. That vision of the future is, I hope, where we’re headed,” Rapp answered.

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