Macklemore and Mary Lambert performed Same Love during the National Rugby League's (NRL) grand final on Sunday in Sydney.

Sunday's performance came as Australian voters are taking part in a postal survey which asks whether the government should extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. Results of the postal vote, estimated to cost $120 million, are non-binding, and expected to be released on November 15.

Retired NRL player Tony Wall launched a petition demanding that the league rescind its invitation for Macklemore to perform. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott promoted the petition in a tweet. “Footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicized grand final. Sport is sport!” Abbott wrote.

Macklemore performed his pro-marriage equality anthem, Same Love, accompanied by out singer Mary Lambert. As the duo finished the track, Macklemore shouted “Equality for all” and plumes of rainbow-colored smoke filled the air. The words “We stand for equality” also appeared on monitors inside the stadium.

During an appearance on The Cruz Show earlier this week, Macklemore said that he was “getting a lot of tweets from angry old white dudes in Australia.” “I think there's a petition today to ban me from playing it. It's interesting times in Australia,” he said.

NRL executive Todd Greenberg told radio station 2GB before Sunday's performance that “that song” would be included in Macklemore's 4-song set. “And we're very comfortable with that,” he said.