In a recent interview, out actor Sean Hayes talked about the return of Will & Grace.

Will & Grace returned Thursday for its ninth season, 11 years after it ended its 8-season run on NBC. The show, which premiered in 1998, was the first prime time network sitcom to feature a gay lead in Eric McCormack's uptight lawyer Will Truman and has been credited for helping advance the LGBT rights movement.

Hayes, who came out publicly after the show ended, told gay glossy Out that he's excited about the show's return.

“I'm excited, personally, to be around my friends and be laughing everyday,” Hayes said. “But I'm also excited about giving the fans what they seem to want, which is really, really great stories that dig even deeper into these characters' lives.”

Hayes, who plays Will's best friend Jack McFarland on the show, said that his character is the “most unchanged, in the best way” since Will & Grace ended, giving the example that Jack is teaching a new acting technique he trademarked called “Jackting.”

The 47-year-old actor added that the show's premise remains the same.

“The show has always been a wonderful mirror to society, so it is the same as it was,” Hayes said. “It always explored storylines that had to do with society in the current state it was in and it still does that. It still comments on pop culture, politics, sex, religion, anything that’s under the umbrella of relevancy.”