Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Saturday tweeted that he agrees with leading U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore's view that gay sex should be illegal.

On Friday, CNN reported on remarks Moore made as recently as two years ago on the issue.

“I think homosexuality should be illegal,” Moore said in 2015. “Sodomy was declared illegal by the United States Supreme Court in 1987. It said there was no right under the constitution to enlarge the fundamental rights of homosexuals.”

“But then they came back and overturned it,” the interviewer noted.

“Well surely they overturned it. They didn't go by their own precedent, did they?” Moore rhetorically asked.

In a 2005 interview with Bill Press on C-SPAN2's After Words, Moore compared gay sex to bestiality.

“Do you know that bestiality, the relationship between man and beast is prohibited in every state?” Moore responded when Press asked about gay couples' right to privacy.

“Did I ask you about sex with a cow? … Or a horse? Or a dog?”

“It's the same thing,” Moore responded.

In a tweet Saturday, Fischer wrote: “Moore thinks sodomy should be illegal. FYI, so did Blackstone, George Washington, all the Founders, as well as Scalia, Alito and Thomas.”

When confronted by blogger Joe Jervis of, Fischer said that he wants to “help” gay men and lesbians. “Whatever public policies we adopt for getting people free of IV drug abuse are the same policies we should adopt for helping gays get free,” he messaged.

In a 2011 broadcast of his Focal Point radio show, Fischer said that “there is no reason why [gay sex] cannot be a criminal offense once again, absolutely none.”