The CEO of KB Home, one of the nation's biggest homebuilders, was recorded by a security camera hurling slurs at comedian Kathy Griffin.

In the audio obtained by HuffPost, Jeffrey Mezger is heard using sexist and homophobic language while speaking to Randy Bick, Griffin's boyfriend. Griffin and Bick had earlier filed a noise complaint against Mezger, one of Griffin's neighbors.

“Hey Randy, go fuck yourself,” Mezger is heard saying.

“You're stuck with a fucking bald dyke who Donald Trump kind of put the heat on.”

“Fuck you and fuck Kathy. You're not our fucking neighbor, you're a fucking a-hole,” Mezger added.

President Donald Trump and his family condemned Griffin in June after she posted a photo of herself holding a bloody, decapitated head that resembled Trump. The incident led to her firing from CNN's annual New Year's Eve coverage and a falling out with Anderson Cooper. Griffin recently said that she was done apologizing.

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Openly lesbian money guru Suze Orman criticized Mezger after audio from his 2-minute rant went viral. “Disgusting talk from the CEO of KB HOMES. You really want to buy a home from this man? Beyond Disgusting!” she wrote on Twitter.

KB Home said in a regulatory filing that Mezger's behavior was unacceptable and that it had cut his annual bonus by 25%. The company also said that additional outbursts would result in his firing.

CNBC reported that Griffin has filed for a restraining order against Mezger and his wife Sandra.