The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on Friday called on President Donald Trump to withdraw the nomination of Jeff Mateer over his strong opposition to LGBT rights.

Trump picked Mateer, the current first assistant attorney general of Texas, for a federal judgeship in Texas.

“Judges are tasked with a sacred duty to enforce equal treatment for all people under our laws, which is why it is so alarming that Jeff Mateer has spent his career opposing anti-discrimination protections and attacking transgender children. Someone who publicly and unabashedly voices contempt for LGBTQ people has no place on the bench or in public office,” HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow said in a statement.

HRC's criticism comes a day after CNN reported on remarks Mateer made in 2015 while serving as general counsel of the First Liberty Institute, a Christian conservative group opposed to LGBT rights.

In a May speech from that year, Mateer described transgender children as part of “Satan's plan” of “destruction” and claimed that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry would lead to “disgusting” new forms of matrimony, such as “people marrying their pets.”

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LGBT legal groups the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) have also expressed outrage over Mateer's comments.