Out actor Michael Urie will headline the revival of Harvey Fierstein's 1981 play Torch Song Trilogy.

Fierstein wrote and originally starred in the three act play about a drag queen looking for love and family in New York City.

The show has been trimmed down to two acts and renamed Torch Song.

“This play was written by someone who I'm not anymore,” Fierstein told gay glossy OUT, “so I can edit for clarity and I can edit for time. But I'd never rewrite.”

Urie, who is best known for playing Marcus “Marc” St. James on the ABC dramedy Ugly Betty and a spin-off webseries Made After Hours, called playing Arnold, the show's protagonist, a rare opportunity.

“It's so rare to have a gay character at the center of a play who's funny, heartbroken, strong, and the one with the problem,” Urie said. “But Arnold's problem isn't that he's gay – it's that he's in love. Like any other person. There's a purity to it.”

Fierstein said that his update was “totally different” and “no different.”

On a personal note, Urie explained why he and his boyfriend of nearly 9 year have not married. “We're happy [marriage equality] exists,” he said. “But we never really imagined it until it was a possibility, so we had no plan – no dream about marriage. Even now, anytime we talk about it, it becomes about other people [and their expectations]. And we wouldn't do it for anybody else – we'd do it for ourselves.”

Torch Song opens October 19 at Manhattan's Second Stage.