Christian conservative Theodore Shoebat has cheered the death of an LGBT activist at Georgia Tech.

Police shot and killed Scout Schutlz, an engineering student at the school who identified as nonbinary and preferred they/them pronouns, on Saturday during an incident in which Schultz ignored officers' commands to drop a knife.

In a video posted Tuesday, Shoebat praised police for killing Schultz, adding that gay people deserve to be killed because they present a danger to society.

“It really doesn't matter,” Shoebat said, whether Schutlz, 21, possessed a weapon or represented a threat to the police “because this sodomite should have been shot anyway.”

“Him being a sodomite … his perversion was dangerous enough and it was justification enough to kill this freak,” Shoebat said. “He was already a danger to society because of his perversity and so I think it was absolutely right for this officer to kill this freak. And I hope that more and more officers are given the opportunity to kill these freaks. That’s what I will say. This is what needs to be happening anyway.”

“There needs to be a law that says that homosexuality is a danger to society and therefore those who push homosexuality and those who participate in this perversity are indeed worthy of death,” he added.