A new survey released this week found majority support for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

According to the poll released by LucidTalk, a Northern Ireland polling and marketing research firm, 61 percent of people asked said that gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry, while 32.5 percent of respondents remain opposed. Six and a half percent of respondents had no opinion.

Pollsters asked more than 2,000 people: “Same-sex marriage is now legal in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, but not in Northern Ireland. If a referendum on same-sex marriage was to be held in Northern Ireland tomorrow, which way would you vote?”

Sixty-one percent ticked off the box which read, “Yes – Same-sex marriage should be legal in Northern Ireland,” while 32.5 percent answered, “No – The current NI law should remain as it is.”

“This result is nothing particularly new,” pollsters wrote in presenting their findings. “Based on other polls, a majority of people in Northern Ireland consistently support the introduction of same-sex marriage. As [Irish Prime Minister] Leo Varadkar said on his visit couple of months ago that same-sex marriage is 'only a matter of time' here.”

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Northern Ireland remains the only place in the United Kingdom without marriage equality.