An ultra-Orthodox Israeli lawmaker was forced to resign over attending his gay nephew's wedding.

Shas MK Yigal Guetta on Sunday told Army Radio that he made his entire family attend the wedding, even though he does not approve of such unions.

“[My nephew] said he wanted my blessing,” Guettta said. “I told him I don't understand about such things. And he told me that he's gay and that he's marrying a man. So I told him that now I understand even less.”

“My entire family went to the wedding. I usually don’t tell my kids to what events they should go, but this time I told them attendance was mandatory. Beforehand, I told my kids: 'We're going to make him happy because he's my sister's son and I want him to be happy, but I want you to know that according to the Torah this [wedding] is forbidden and an abomination. I have no leeway on this.”

Guetta's revelation prompted outrage from five leading Sephardic rabbis, who said that Guetta had “publicly desecrated God's will” by forcing his family to attend a wedding that “is forbidden,” Haaretz reported. The rabbis demanded Guetta's ouster from the deeply religious Shas Party.

Rather than being asked to leave, Guetta resigned on Wednesday.

A source within the Shas Party told Haaretz that the rabbis “didn't even try to hear Guetta's version of the event.” “The person who sent them the recording of the radio interview dropped the part in which Guetta explains that it is forbidden according to religious,” the source said.