In an interview with The Telegraph to promote his upcoming collection, out designer Tom Ford discussed his views on sexuality.

Ford said that his upcoming 2018 S/S collection is all about fluidity, which he compared to human sexuality.

While discussing his two new fragrances, Ford said that he “hates” when things are labeled as “masculine.”

“What's great about this new generation is that they're growing up in a culture where anything goes,” Ford told the paper. “If you're a guy who paints his nails, that doesn't mean anything.”

“You're a man sleeping with a man? So what – that doesn't mean you're gay,” Ford said.

Ford added that the metrosexual – a heterosexual man who is concerned about his looks – isn't a new concept.

“I think that men have always been just as vain and cared just as much [about their appearance] as women, but our culture perhaps didn't support it,” Ford said.

“Let's look at the 18th century. Those guys would go around with little red heels, lace, face powder, beauty marks.”

“There have been moments in time where men expressed their vanity and didn't worry about whether that compromised their masculinity,” he added.