Christian conservative Tony Perkins has praised the Department of Justice's decision to file an amicus brief in support of a baker who refused to serve a gay couple.

Jack Phillips, owner of Denver-based Masterpiece Cakeshop, turned to the Supreme Court after state courts found that he had discriminated against a male gay couple when he refused to sell them a cake for their wedding reception. Phillips has said that serving the couple would violate his religious faith.

In a 41-page brief filed Thursday, lawyers for the government argue that sexual orientation discrimination is not on the same footing as discrimination based on race.

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Perkins, who backed President Donald Trump during his presidential election, helms the Family Research Council (FRC). In a press release, he said that Trump “is doing his job on religious liberty.”

“It may be one of the most important religious liberty cases in a century – and President Trump isn’t about to be on the wrong side of it. In the latest sign that this isn’t Barack Obama’s DOJ, the administration is going to bat for Jack Phillips, the Christian baker at the center of a five-year firestorm over vendors’ forced participation in same-sex marriage. In a brief to the Supreme Court, the last stop for his case, the Justice Department argues that Jack was well within his rights to turn down a wedding cake order for a ceremony that contradicts his faith,” Perkins wrote.

“It’s time for the Supreme Court to step in and stop this crusade against faith it started. President Trump is doing his job on religious liberty. It’s the justices’ turn to do theirs,” he added.