Annise Parker, the former mayor of Houston, has responded to conservative pundit Ann Coulter's claim that Parker's election led to Hurricane Harvey.

“I don't believe Hurricane Harvey is God's punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor,” Coulter tweeted on August 28 in response to a Politico article on how climate change might be affecting hurricane season. “But that is more credible than 'climate change.'”

Parker, who led the city from 2010 to 2016 and married her longtime partner while in office, responded on twitter with a joke.

“Darn it, I thought no one knew I had a super power over weather,” Parker messaged.

Parker's tweet received nearly 60,000 likes and more than 17,000 retweets, as of Thursday.

Several Christian conservative personalities blamed Harvey on America's increasing support for LGBT rights and, more specifically, Parker's election and state lawmakers' failure to approve a North Carolina-style bill that sought to restrict bathroom access for transgender people.

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As mayor, Parker spearheaded an LGBT protections measure that was later repealed at the polls. On her way out, she criticized opponents of the legislation, saying that their campaign to rescind the protections was based on “fear.”