One hundred and forty three House Democrats are calling on President Donald Trump to reconsider his plan to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military.

The effort is being led by Virginia Rep. A. Donald McEachin.

On Friday, roughly a month after the president called for completely barring transgender people from serving in the military, the White House issued guidance on implementing Trump's ban.

Trump's guidance directs the military to bar transgender people from entering the military and to stop paying for the transition-related health care of active duty transgender troops, but stops short of banning transgender troops, leaving the decision of what the military should do about active-duty transgender troops to military leaders.

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In his memo, Trump claims that the Obama administration “failed to identity a sufficient basis” to end the military ban – which was rolled back in June, 2016 – and orders the Pentagon to reinstate the policy, arguing that transgender people are a “disruption” to the military.

“Contrary to your rhetoric, their service has not caused 'disruption' or 'burdened' the military,” the House members said in their letter. “Rather, their sacrifices have made our nation safer and stronger. Transgender servicemembers wear the same uniform and complete the same missions as their cisgender peers. In combat, their lives are in equal peril. They serve with equal distinction; they are equally deserving of our gratitude and respect.”

The Democrats also argue that Trump's ban is legally “indefensible.” Three lawsuits challenging the ban have been filed.

“We are deeply concerned about the clear unconstitutionality of your ban,” the letter states. “As existing case law makes clear, the government cannot discriminate against transgender people on the basis of their status or sex – and the military is not exempt from constitutional requirements. It is not clear to us that your administration has reckoned with these realities.”