Transgender actress Laverne Cox has criticized President Donald Trump's ban on transgender troops, calling it an attack on the transgender community.

On Friday, roughly a month after the president called for completely barring transgender people from serving in the military, the White House issued guidance on implementing Trump's ban.

Trump's guidance directs the military to bar transgender people from entering the military and to stop paying for the transition-related health care of active duty transgender troops, but stops short of banning transgender troops, leaving the decision of what the military should do about active-duty transgender troops to military leaders.

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Cox, who is best known for playing Sophia Burset on the Netflix dramedy Orange is the New Black, criticized the president in an Instagram post.

“This #TransMilitaryBan is yet another attack on transgender Americans who want to contribute to society as full not second class citizens. The psychic effects on a population who is constantly told on an institutional and cultural level that we are less than are innumerable and deeply painful,” Cox wrote.

“This year alone the rescinding of guidelines for how trans students should be treated in schools, attempts in Texas and other other states to criminalize trans folks going to the bathroom, the fake repeal of HB2 in North Carolina, with HB142 which bans localities in NC from protecting LGBTQ citizens in public accommodations. Trans folks are continuing to be murdered and misgendered in our deaths as as we are in our lives. It remains culturally acceptable to joke about murdering trans people because our humanity remains up for debate in nearly every facet of society. But as a black trans woman I come from a legacy of people who insist on our humanity in the face of horrible injustices. I will not betray my black ancestors, my trans and women ancestors who rose up with more depth, compassion, love and fight than their oppressors could fathom. Though institutions might treat me as a second class citizen, I choose to ride deep in my first class humanity, bringing the legacy of strength, dignity, resilience & love my ancestors bequeathed to me.”

“My fellow trans Americans we are not Less than. We are anointed. May each of us know this in the very core of our beings as we fight the cultural and governmental institutions that want to make us less than,” she added.