Shortly after President Donald Trump signed a memo directing the Pentagon to implement his ban on transgender troops, two LGBT groups announced they're suing the administration.

The White House issued the guidance on Friday, roughly a month after the president called for completely barring transgender people from serving in the military.

Trump's guidance directs the military to bar transgender people from entering the military and stop paying for the transition-related health care of active duty transgender troops, but stops short of banning transgender troops, leaving the decision of what the military should do about active-duty transgender troops to military leaders.

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Two groups, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), have already filed a federal lawsuit challenging the ban. Two additional groups, OutServe-SLDN and Lambda Legal, said that they would file their suit on Monday.

“We will be suing. On Monday,” Lambda Legal wrote in a Facebook post.

“Our legal team is full of incredible people who have been working round the clock for the past month+ (and even before then!) on this. They're some of the most brilliant legal minds not just in this country, but in the world. Seriously. If you're a current or future trans service member, or vet, know that you are in good hands (or brains) with us. Just wait until you read that brief on Monday.”

“We haven't slept a lot over the past few months, and even less-so since President Trump's tweets about this last month. But it's okay. We do what we do because we truly believe in this country's founding principles of equality and justice – and because we KNOW with 100% certainty that LGBTQ people, queer people, people living with HIV and everyone who is a part of our many beautiful communities deserves to live with dignity just as much as anyone else. The sleep deprivation is worth it because we know that we fight for what is right.”

“We fight for love,” the group added.